About Jim Kannengieser

Professional Experience

Jim Kannengieser founded Aeris Logic LLC in February 2017 on three principles. First, build a business that puts service to the client foremost. Second, only provide services and solutions in which we have expertise. Don’t stretch the team thin or sell our clients something half-baked. And third, be honest and transparent to our clients. Earn people’s trust.

Jim brings 27 years of experience to Aeris Logic, starting first in the healthcare industry and later in a top 20 law firm where he managed a global applications department. In 2011, Jim entered the professional services industry and oversaw the entire project portfolios for two professional services firms. This is where he gained key insights and experiences needed to launch Aeris Logic.

Some of Jim’s notable accomplishments include:

· Auditing and reporting on cybersecurity risks for clients in industries ranging from financial to legal to healthcare to retail

· Identifying and stopping network intrusion events in multiple organizations, including some involving foreign governments and espionage

· Developing and testing business continuity and disaster recovery plans for businesses large and small across multiple industries

· Managing the implementation of virtualization and VDI systems for numerous clients

· Organizing the upgrade of tens of thousands of desktops from older versions of Windows to current versions by controlling risks and building cross-functional teams

· Migrating tens of thousands of mailboxes from to new or upgraded platforms, such as from Lotus Notes to Exchange or from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online

· Guiding the development of collaborative work processes and implementing new document management systems and enterprise search platforms

· Established Project Management Office (PMO) standards for multiple organizations, including program management practices

Education & Early Career

Jim graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in English in 1990. He worked for a time as a science and medical editor, which turned out to be a back door into IT. Jim was frequently asked to perform online research and soon saw the value of creating a network and connecting all the computers in his organization to the Internet. He made a proposal, was allocated the budget, and took on the project himself. Shortly thereafter, he left editing behind and went into technology full time.