Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

It’s not if distaster is going to strike, its a matter of when.


Only 6% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan survive after disaster strikes.  

We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes – from SMB to enterprises — that range from traditional backup protection on your network to hyperconverged secondary storage linked to the cloud for rapid recovery. 

Types of Disaster


System Disaster

This can be caused by ransomware attacks, malware infections, out-of-date software, and failed hardware and data centers.

Natural Disaster

This type of disaster is inevitable and can be detrimental to businesses. In recent years, the amount and effect of natural disasters has increased and intensified.  

Human Error Disaster

This is the most common type of disaster, and is often the most detrimental. 

Plan to Fail 

Businesses with a disaster recovery plan save more time and money than those without. They also have enhanced system reliability, improved security, and reduced insurance premiums.  

Transform Disaster Recovery into a Service

  • Fully managed from the cloud 
  • Access Virtual Machines to keep your business running
  • Superior RTO & RPO 
  • Provides on-site and off-site backup to safeguard your data and systems 
  • Outshine your competition – keep running while they are down 

Disruptions in business can result in loss of time and money, damaged reputation and loss of client trust if you are not prepared. At Aeris Logic, we will work with you to design a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that fits your business needs. We can do it all, from simple backup and restore procedures, to complex system fail-over solutions.