Secure Your Business

How Secure Is Your Business?

  • In today’s world, businesses are under the constant threat of cyberattack. Cyberattacks are often committed using a malicious software called ransomware.
  • Ransomware is dangerous because it can easily breach a computer system by an act as simple as clicking on an email link. Once the ransomware is active, it blocks access to the computer until a ransom payment is made. What’s worse, security experts estimate that 75% of ransomware victims never get their data back, even if they pay the requested amount.
  • If a business is not prepared or equipped to deal with a cyberattack, their systems could be down for a long time. In 2016, 1 in 20 small businesses were victims of ransomware attacks.
  • Businesses are required to store client data, which is usually confidential. If this data becomes compromised through a security breach, it can be detrimental to a business’s future.
  • How are people supposed to trust a business that is easily hacked? Thankfully, with the help of Aeris Logic, you can keep your business secure.

What does Aeris Logic Offer?

· Protection of digital assets

· Multi-layered defense

· Business continuity solutions

· Emergency backup & recovery

· Continuous monitoring & alerting

· Improved technology operations


How does Aeris Logic work?

1. Assess vulnerabilities

The Aeris Logic team will assess your IT department and technological system in order to locate and identify vulnerabilities.

2. Create a custom solution

Based on the assessment, we will work with you to create a custom solution that fits the needs of your business

3. Secure your business

The Aeris Logic team will activate your custom solution that will work to protect against cyberattacks, monitor activity, and control your network.


How Do I Get Started?

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