Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud?

In simple terms, the cloud is Internet based computing. What this means is that instead of software and services running locally, they run through the internet. This allows for most cloud services to be accessed anywhere by using a web browser. Even though accessing the cloud is easy, it is considered to be a very secure method of computing.


Why should I use the Cloud? 

1.) Flexibility- You can choose to scale up or down as your business grows.

2.) Business Continuity- Data can be backed up to the cloud and recovered if needed.

3.) Saves time- The cloud has automatic software updates so you don’t have to waste time on IT maintenance.

4.) Saves money- The pay as you go model allows for small businesses to only pay for what they actually need. The cloud requires less hardware and software than locally run services.

5.) Accessibility- Your team can safely access company data anywhere. With all files stored in the same place, there is strict control over documents and improved collaboration across teams.

6.) Security- Because you can access the cloud from anywhere, sensitive data can be easily wiped from a lost or compromised machine. Cloud providers take measures to help keep your data secure.

7.) Sustainability- The cloud allows businesses to use only the energy they need.

Aeris Logic as a Cloud partner

Aeris Logic offers Custom Cloud Solutions. This is the use of multiple cloud computing services in a single heterogeneous architecture. This allows for businesses to choose the features they like from each cloud provider to create a custom cloud solution. Aeris Logic offers the services of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and G Suite. 

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